Monday, April 9, 2012

Buenaventura Park

 Buenaventura Park is located in West Ogden near the river. We had both never been there before and were delighted and perplexed. There were many white suburbans and pick up trucks, trailers and campers, with all kinds of stuff: tents, teepees, leather goods, pioneer goods (for lack of better words) and items used for surviving in nature. From what we could tell they have a market there on Saturdays. The vendors come from various parts all over Utah and live there for part of the year (I think.)

 We had a beautiful and enjoyable walk around the pond.
Other things we did today: Lunch downtown in another park, more walking and exploring of the down-town area, free popcorn samples, and then we watched a little bit of "Black Beauty." I love horses and Jessica seemed to like them too!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Ogden Nature Center and other thrills

Walking through a beautiful path, holding hands in the sunshine. It doesn't get any better than this!
 Looking for birds on the observation deck.
 Adventurer Jessica at the Blackbird Pond.
 This picture was taken by a three-year-old.
 Coming out of the mouse hole. Those two impressed me with their spelunking skills.
 We were calmly enjoying our lunch when these two aggressive beggars appeared:
As you can see by the expression on the picnickers faces, they are somewhat bothered by the approaching poultry.
 This one's name is Larry. Just kidding, I made that up.
 Jessica found this wonderful little babbling fountain. It made a very peaceful gurgle, and she knelt down to be close to it.

Jessica is so good at sharing!
Whoops! Who farted?!!! :)