Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Time flies!

Who's that girl poking her head out of the peppers?
 It's been a while since I posted about our adventures. We are still thrilled about volunteering at the food bank! We've had a variety of jobs, sorting, arranging the vegetable cart, dairy cart, arranging pastries (my favorite), and handing out free goodies to the patrons. It's been great to work on our organizing skills, as well as customer service skills. So fun!
So proud of that beautifully arranged vegetable cart!

Chicken nuggets from Warren's, the local fast food joint

Jessica and Debra Fox (my mom) at City Creek: instant friends.

This is actually the kind of picture that makes you want to renounce fast food forever. (Not our most flattering pose.) :)
The beautiful and tasty sugar cookie Jessica made. I LOVE sugar cookies! Thanks Jessica!
This video is delightful. I think it was inspired from a karaoke session at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art. Nice singing Jessica!
The awesome "Beatles" painting I traded for. I think it looks great in Asher's room in an eclectic sort of way. I'm excited to have a piece of art from such a talented woman!