Thursday, September 19, 2013

More volunteer time at the Humane Society!

Honorable Mention

Jessica is showing her ribbon that she won for a painting she had displayed at the fair! I am so excited and happy for her!(The painting was really amazing too!)

A Morning on the farm!

 We went to Wheeler Farm on Tuesday 9/17. It was such a nice morning!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Volunteer time at the Humane Society.

This was on Tuesday 9/10. This tiny kitten took a nap in Jessica's lap. She sure was sweet. We were thinking that she probably was adopted that same day since she was so cute and such a good girl.

Just relaxing with friends.

Lunch at Sprouts Farmers Market again.

This is where we went on Tuesday. We are becoming regulars. They have a lot of good choices for lunch.

With our friend Jackie at the dog park

We get to see Jackie and her dogs sometimes. Her dogs always remember Jessica!

Helping out at the dog park.

Jessica always helps clean up after the dogs, and makes sure that they always have water too!

What a fun morning in the park. This was on Thursday 9/5.

 We played frisbee!!
Jess really liked this ice cream stand!