Wednesday, August 28, 2013

signing out from our work at the humane society

We sign in and out every time we do our volunteer work. Jess figured out really quickly how to use the computer they have there!

Kitty City time!

More volunteer time at the Humane Society of Utah! We love helping out there, but it sure is hard not to take them all home!

Getting ready for her mom's Birthday!!

Jessica made her mom a nice card, and picked out gifts for her mom. She got her a candle and bubble bath!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

God bless Jess!

 It was so nice to see Jessica on Saturday. As always she is so gracious and a good sport, especially with five year old boys and their boy antics. We enjoyed our happy meals and soda pop at McDonalds and then it was time to get some serious play on. Before I knew it, Jess had four little stranger kids all trailing after her in laughter, following her around the playground and tumbling down the slide together. It was all fun and games until Asher bonked his head hard into hers going down the slide. I went over to see if everything was okay, and sweet Jessica had already wrapped her arms around him and was holding him while he cried some tears out.

 After playing for a while, we went to the library and played some computer games. Here they are with their "concentration" faces.

Until next time!....

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Cupcake Cards!

Jessica made and decorated these cool cupcake cards for her mom and several of her friends!!

More fun at the dog park!

 Ranger always cuddles with Jessica even the dog park!
Josh the dog whisperer!

At the Pioneer Craft House

Jess pointed to this place when we drove by which made me wonder if she had been there before. We decided to stop to find out what they do there. This really nice guy was making flutes. He showed us how he did it, and even played it for us! It was pretty amazing! One of the teachers remembered Jessica, so she has done crafts here before!!

More Volunteer time at The Humane Society of Utah

We both fell in love with this little guy. He got adopted that same day. We could tell he was going to a good home!

Lunch at Long Life Vegi House

Jessica got to try tofu and she liked it!!

Millcreek Canyon Tuesday August 13