Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Happy 26th Birthday Jessica!

 This is the poster Asher and Annika (plus the neighbor boy) made for Jess. It says "Happy Birthday."
 We made cupcakes in celebration of wonderful Jessica. Jess mixed them up herself!
 We all got to put sprinkles and candy on them.
 Jess loved the green smoothie Geoff made. What a nice way to get some spinach and kale in your system. :)
I love Jessica so much, and felt so lucky to have her on her special day. The children love her too. She continually teaches me and helps me focus on what is really important. She was such a good sport about being with the cupcake-grubbing, lip smacking children (they could barely wait for us to sing to her). Happy Birthday Jessica! Love you!

Monday, July 9, 2012

summer swim

Our first dip in the Ogden High School pool was a blast. We had a couple tag-alongs (Geoff, Asher, Annika too!). The first picture shows some pre-swim dancing, the second picture was taken right before the three of us fell backwards in a big soggy clump. Fun times!