Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fall Road Trip 2012

Jessica and I had a fantastic time in Las Vegas. We enjoyed the corny architecture, crowds of people, food, and sights of the big flashy city.
 View from a parking garage
 Jennifer (childhood friend) and Jessica helping me set up my art exhibit.

 Bright lights and people galore!
 Jessica even got a picture with Pee Wee Herman.

 Emily Ruth Foster, my friend from BYU and owner of "Other Voices Gallery."
 The firefighters were at our art show!
 Our first meal upon arriving in Vegas: chicken, rice, vegetables. Yum!
 Starting the following day out right: bacon, eggs,and toast.
 My breakfast: french toast and fried potatoes.
 Frozen Yogurt for dinner? No problem.
 Jessica took this picture of me while we walked around and saw the sights.
 Neither of us qualified for a free meal. Darn it!

 Jessica and Jennifer (again).

Thanks to Jessica for such a fun and memorable vacation. Thanks to Kathryn for letting her come!