Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday in O Town

 More basketball! This time Geoff came too, Jessica wowed us both with her amazing shot. Geoff remarked that "her shots always hit the rim because she's got soft hands." Not knowing much about basketball, I didn't know that was a good thing. But it is. Jessica is a natural "soft-hands baller. "
 There is something kind of Nancy-Drew-ish about this picture, so I included it here.
 We had a great time at the Ogden Library. Jessica roamed the internet while I looked up Google Maps and helped a friend not be lost in the mountains via cell phone.
 The Union Station in Ogden. There is a beautiful old train station in Ogden, built in 1924 (the original one built in the 1890's burned down in 1923).
51 cents of fun. Jessica picked out the "Automobile" design on her smashed penny, of course!

 Lastly, we were roaming around the train station, doing all the free things, such as, looking in the gift shop, checking out the art gallery, and using the restrooms, when we stumbled upon the antique car museum. The man at the door let us in for FREE! Bless him. Jessica loved the cars.
I think this one may be her style, I can imagine it, can you?

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