Wednesday, August 1, 2012


 Jess and I had fun documenting Asher and Annika's swim lesson. She took some nice photos on her ipod. Then we ditched the kids for some girl time, which couldn't include anything other than cheeseburgers. :)
 We are really digging Warren's this summer. I can't get enough. It's everything you'd expect of a small Utah burger joint and more (SALAD BAR!).
 Then we did some printmaking and paper organizing. Jess made a pink print of an ipod and ipad.
 Animal therapy at the animal shelter. I think the "therapizing" is mutual, for us and for the animals.
 Very cute cocker spaniel.
Kittens. We love the kittens. They started purring and rubbing into the bars at the sight of us. Poor things!

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