Sunday, December 2, 2012

Catching Up!

 It's been a while since I've been able to post. We have been having so many adventures. We've been all over Salt Lake and Ogden. Here we were on a cold rainy day on West Temple going to catch the Trax, where we set up shop at the public library. Erin came and met up with us. She helped Jessica find some free apps on her computer.

 Later, we rode the bus. There happened to be a lot of loud and friendly high school students on the bus with us.
 This picture was taken on the Front Runner train, enroute to Ogden. Jessica was making and eating pizzas the entire time. She still had room for lunch though upon arrival!
 Below is the artist. She painted some lovely hamburgers, diet cokes, and fries. Love it!
 I picked this picture because Jessica looks like a beautiful frolicking mermaid, singing in a turquoise ocean.
 A card making party at my sister, Erin's, house.

 We made an appearance at the Grand Opening of Trader Joe's. We might have had more success if we followed Kathryn's advice to"'wear football helmets and elbow pads..." but we didn't get the message in time. :) We ended up sampling some free cookies and juice and then getting the heck out of there.
We passed this crazy metallic bell display and cardboard nativity while driving around. So fun! Festive!

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